Aeneas Ignatius Aurelius

Nomadic Navigator of House Cassini


A philosophical pragmatist in a universe of fanatics, Aeneas was born and raised on a ship full of exiles from the Navis Nobilite, and it shows. His belief in the unity of humanity and attempts at being diplomatic are all that keep his pride in check, for he is keenly aware of the power that psykers and their ilk hold over those untouched by the Warp.

Aeneas is fit and solidly built for a Navigator, having kept active despite his confinement to a space ship. His dark brown hair is usually covered in part by a bandanna worn over his forehead. His eyes are always hidden beneath a pair of black-tinted photovisors. An scratched, golden aquila pendant hangs around his neck. Given to light, thin tunics and loose-cut pants, crowned by his bandana and obscured by his eyewear, he looks like a tourist or an ill-fated hoodlum when planetside.

Aeneas Ignatius Aurelius

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