Da Noise

Grimgit’s Shouta


Noise is very important to Orks and the louder something is the better, especially where weirdboyz are concerned. Da Noise is a roughly rectangular device with speakers that look suspiciously like the grills from the ship’s oxygen filtration system. It has a thick handle and a control panel festooned with switches and dials. Da Noise weighs 50 kilograms. Da Noise can be hooked onto a ridge in Grimgit’s armour so it has an ‘ands free mode.

Ruggedly constructed from thick slabs of decking and panelling clearly ripped from the ship. Da Noise is much heavier than it needs to be and has several ridges that seem to serve no purpose other than making it more effective as a blunt instrument. Undeniably robust Da Noise is easily able to double as a weapon or a step stool. While it is possible that Grimgit lacks the ability to make something that wouldn’t also be able to be used as a weapon it is more likely that his simply forgot how to stop making it.

Functionally Da Noise is a live recording and playback device like a pict recorder but it only has an audio capacity. Da Noise has limited editing capacity so sounds can be overlaid to create a more cacophonic effect. In most cases Da Noise will be playing sounds of Grimgit yelling, stomping and banging things at maximum volume so that his presence can never be a surprise. Additionally some quirk of Da Noise’s construction has given it the ability to receive transmissions like a Vox-caster but without any way of tuning Da Noise to a specific channel. When the big red button in the centre of the control panel is pressed Da Noise plucks a random transmission from the aether and plays it at maximum volume. This is occasionally situationally appropriate.

When used as a blunt instrument Da Noise has the following characteristics:

Melee, 1D10 damage, Impact, Pen 0, Unwieldy.


Da Noise

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