Grimgit Morrgog

A young Ork Weirdboy of the Death Skull Clan.


Not entirely dissimilar in appearance to a man-sized, green gorilla. His stoop ensures that he does not tower over any humans he encounters and highlights his impressive musculature. Clad in armour created from ‘skinning’ leather chairs, any small, interesting looking looted items and smeared in various blue substances he moves with the assuredness of an apex predator, utterly convinced that he is more than a match for whatever he may encounter.

“has come to fruition, perhaps not as I intended but the work that has gone into the techno gene may yet be recovered. This may even be a boon, it should not be possible to grow an Ork from a single spoor without an ecology to support it. The changes have been more extensive than I dared hope for. I must make the most of the youthful developmental stage and ensure that the encoded knowledge is fully harnessed.”

These were the first words heard by Grimgit as he hatched, before he even thought of himself as Grimgit. While he had trouble comprehending them he has always remembered him.

As with many Orks, a species that is by nature anarchistic and anti-authoritarian Grimgit’s young mind rebelled at the concept of such freedom and he quickly settled into a routine of discipline obedience, embracing the stormboy way with diligence. Being well aware of the regimental leanings of young Orks Andronicus did his best to capitalize on these traits while they lasted, interacting with him only through an oversized screen so ancient that it had developed a green tinge.

Eager to fit in and please what was clearly a far bigger being (and therefore the one in charge) Grimgit attended to the tasks set for him by the Lord Captain as best he could. Despite his obedience and enthusiasm these tasks often proved difficult for Grimgit whose dangerously unimperial mind lacked all traces of imperial dogma. As the days turned into weeks Grimgit slowly began to grasp how Andronicus wanted him to approach the tasks he was set while Andronicus came to learn that playing battle scenes through the giant screen was a great motivational tool for the young Ork.

When Grimgit turned two weeks old Andronicus was seized with the sudden urge to accelerate the process of the experiment. In the middle of a warp jump an ancient servitor gave Grimgit a helmet to wear that would harness the energy of the warp and directly stimulate the techno gene. The results were nothing short of astounding. Grimgit began to grow at an astonishing rate, more than doubling his mass and growing out of the ‘yoof’ phase of his development in record time. Unfortunately as Grimgit’s mass increased his obedience diminished. He began noticing that the Lord Captain’s tasks were often random and that he was being referred to as Sock regardless of how many surfaces he carved his name into. Suspecting that the Lord Captain was in fact a Madboss Grimgit did his best to play along with Andronicus when he was lucid (having worked out that the Lord Commander controlled the dispensing of food) and when the Lord Commander was in one of his moods Grimgit indulged his burgeoning Death Skull instincts and looted everything he could get his hands on, often rebuilding or kustomizing them with the limited tools he had available.

As Andronicus’ hold on reality crumbled Grimgit was given more and more time to himself but while he hoarded and hid food whenever he could he was still dependant on the Lord Commander for his existence. In order to ensure that the Lord Captain was placated whenever he burst into song (which had started happening more and more) Grimgit would sing along. During one particularly long and seemingly nonsensical song Grimgit’s techno gene flared up, as if triggered by the words of the song and the unfettered power of the Orkish Waaagh! flooded his mind. Suddenly everything was so clear.

Grimgit set about building the things he would need for his task, while the nature of the task itself was still unclear to Grimgit he trusted it would be revealed to him when it mattered. He ripped panels off the walls (something he had not yet dared to do) and pulled as many wires out as he could reach. He stripped the useless coating from the copper in the wires and then fused them into a mighty staff using just the coruscating energy from his mind. The process took days and when he returned to his food stash he discovered fungus growing on it. Confused but interested he let the fungus grow, occasionally attempting to speed the growth with his new powers.

With his stash inedible Grimgit tore open the food dispensers in an attempt to make them produce food on command. Before he could finish his work the Madboss began to rant, giggling and repeating combat test over and over again. This distracted Grimgit and he failed to notice the ancient servitor lunging for him. Relying on Orkish instincts Grimgit cut the servitor down (looting the worky gubbinz) but before he could return to his work with the dispensers a surge of pain and energy hit him. Mistakenly believing the Madboss was angry with him and had somehow focussed his ire on him Grimgit began to sing. As he sung he experienced another moment of clarity and focussed the energy and pain into the fungus growing on his stash, in moments the pain was gone and the fungus had exploded to reveal a juvenile squig. Grimgit instinctively knew that this was no mere eating squig but something else entirely another piece of the puzzle. He turned back to the dispensers only to find them melted to useless slag by bolts of energy he had unknowingly released during the psychic spike.

As the Madboss laughed incessantly from the screen Grubgit desperately dug up the deck plating of his room trying to find anything edible. After harvesting all the vermin he could find he stumbled upon a vat of formless but edible protein goo connected to what used to be one of the dispensers. Unable to make it create more goo or convert the goo into real food he had to make do with eating his meals through a straw, gradually reshaping his environment into something proppa. Wary of the Madbosses ire Grimgit and his squig (now named Gob for the creatures prodigious appetite) spent most of their time out of sight of the screen, preferring the gaping hole made by ripping up all the deck plates. As the supplies of goo dwindled Grimgit realized he was going to have to challenge the Madboss and discover a new source of food to survive.

Grimgit spent as long as he dared working himself up for the fight and then charged out of the hole to challenge the Madboss. He was somewhat disappointed to find the screen was off and nothing he could do would make it turn on again. Tearing the screen off the wall and looting the components he bellowed with his hollow victory before grabbing Gob and storming out of his home to explore and hunt for food.

Grimgit Morrgog

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